CADAH Board of Directors & Coordinators

The 2016-2017 CADAH Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors
Board of Directors, Officers and Coordinators
President: Dr. Stephen Chao
President-elect: Dr. Spencer Su
Secretary: Dr. David Huang
Treasurer: Dr. Susan Chi
Dr. Claire Chang, Student/Resident Outreach
Dr. David Huang, Scholarship co-chair
Dr. Chun Huie Lin, Community Service
Dr. Scott Lin, Continuing Education
Dr. Jasmine Sung, Fundraising
Dr. Jillwen Sung, Publications and Scholarship co-chair
Dr. James Tang, Membership
Dr. Ying-ying Wood, Social Activities
Alternate Directors: 
Dr. Patrick Huang
Dr. Jasmine Peng
Resident Representative:
Dr. Chelsea Foong
Student Representative:
Lily Mei
Administrative Coordinator:
Jane Van Hsieh, Ph.D.
Communications Coordinators: 
Dr. Betty Lee/Dr. Audrey Moon
Board of Supervisors: 
Dr. Chi Mao
Dr. Yvonne Kew
Dr. Hue-Teh Shih
Dr. Karl King
Dr. Jonathan Zhang
Board of Supervisors alternate: 
Dr. Susan Yang