President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Happy Chinese New Year and to CADAH congratulations on our 20th anniversary! Since its inception in 1993 CADAH has served to support community services by promoting collaborative relationships between Chinese American doctors/dentists and the greater Houston area. Needless to say, the growth and success of CADAH is to the credit of past presidents, officers, board of directors, and members. Thus, I am thrilled to commemorate this landmark and celebrate our 2013 Chinese New Year.

As a Chinese American, I know that the start of this year indicates what is to come. Based on the zodiac, a 12-year cycle of animals, this is the year of the snake. Interestingly, this prompted thoughts of the Rod of Asclepius or caduceus (one or two intertwined serpents, respectively), which as you know, are symbolic of medicine and healing. I pray that this year will bring special healing to all individuals in our community, country, and the world, in both life and spirit.

About 5 years ago, thinking it was a great bargain, I joined CADAH as a lifetime member. I now consider CADAH as my adopted family. From the first CME lecture through the present, I was always warmly welcomed – at every volunteer activity, social event, and board meeting. Thank you!

To date, we have surpassed 200 lifetime members and project continued growth. With the recent launching of our new website, members are able to join electronically. In the near future, opportunities for advertisements and special announcements will also be available. Further, to enhance physician and dental referrals and networking, CADAH members and the public will have access to all other members’ professional information. Through centralized communication, such as posting CME lectures, social events, and newsletters, this website will let us promote and build lasting professional and social interactions. I encourage everyone to visit the website and provide thoughts and recommendations.

An important objective of the CADAH organization is to support brilliant young professional students who will carry on our oath. Our new website has enabled us to receive donations toward the New Year Gala, our Scholarship Fundraising Event. To date, CADAH foundation has provided 116 scholarships to medical (96) and dental (20) students, with $56,500 dollars in total support. This year’s 2013 scholarship awardees will be announced and presented at our annual general assembly (AGA) meeting on April 27. For members and their spouses wishing to attend, attendance is free of charge. There will be a short academic lecture followed by a business meeting reporting to all new and continued members. This will be hosted by our president-elect, Dr. Jay Zhu and me. We hope to see you there!

In closing, CADAH is committed to advancing medicine, patient care, and providing support to our fellow colleagues and young professionals. May we all remain happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous.


Yvonne Kew, MD, PhD, CADAH President